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Comprehensive Oral Evaluation
The comprehensive exam is performed at your initial dental visit and then at following visit check-up exams that your dentist or hygienist will perform.  This procedure includes all of the following main points.
Our offices are equipped with the highest quality equipment available. By clinical examination and examining the taken digital x-rays we can detect decay, bone loss, and oral pathology. You can view the x-rays and the pictures on the TV monitors, which we can use to discuss and plan the required dental treatments.
We will check your gums and bone around your teeth for signs of periodontal diseases. This is tested by using a periodontal probe, a measuring stick, to measure the pocket depth. Typically a healthy condition depth measures from 1 to 3 millimeters, anything over 4 millimeters in not healthy. Bigger numbers usually indicate pockets of infection that need treatment.
Regular Dental Check-ups

Regular Dental Check-ups

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